The Woodlea-Melrose neighborhood includes over 350 single-family homes in the area bound by Indian School Road on the south, the Grand Canal on the north, 7th Avenue on the east and 15th Avenue on the west. Though Woodlea sits in a bustling part of the city, just north of downtown, it was considered the “country” when Thomas Mackenzie first eyed it for development in 1928. Today, hopeful homeowners seek out the neighborhood for its history, central location, lush landscaping and nearby amenities. Woodlea sits adjacent to the Melrose District, a popular stretch of Seventh Avenue filled with restaurants, shops, and a near-by light-rail station. Most of the homes in Woodlea are north-south facing, along three shady streets, while the commercial buildings, known as Melrose on Seventh, line Seventh Avenue along the eastern edge of the neighborhood.  call 480-229-8483

Woodlea-Melrose home

The Woodlea-Melrose neighborhood

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  1. Peg Kragie says:

    I am living in Chandler and looking for a historic house to rent. Small, 1 or 2 bedroom – but looking for charm more than anything. Willo is recommended. Are there any for rent?

  2. Ruby Alghieri says:

    Hello, I as well am looking for a home to rent starting the new year, preferable in melrose district as well, however I am flexible. Thank You.

  3. Mitch says:

    Hello, I am looking for a small house to rent in a historic area of downtown Phoenix or Scottsdale beginning march 1. Do you show any rentals at this time. Thanks!

  4. Joanna says:

    The lease on our downtown loft is up on 4/30. We would like to find a 2 bedroom home rental in the downtown/midtown/historic districts. Rent NTE $1500

  5. Rob Kerber says:

    Hello ! I’m looking for a cottage/guest house rental in any of the historic
    downtown area. time frame would be 12/1 and /or 1/1/17. Can you assist with this? Thanks in advance, Rob

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