Unlike most Phoenix historic districts, Willo is comprised of many subdivisions -research suggests 23 – 24 in all. Its rough geographic boundaries are Thomas to the north, McDowell to the south, 1st Ave. to the east and 7th St. to the west. Homes in this area have a wide range of architectural styles probably because homes were designed and built here over a long period of time. Maricopa County records indicate home building began in 1905 and continued into the 1950’s with a few newer builds here and there. As you venture through the area you’ll find examples of many architectural styles. call 480-229-8483

Willo District in Phoenix

Willo District in Phoenix

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  1. kim scott says:

    Hi we are moving to Phoenix. I was wondering if there are any historical areas to live in at a affordable price. we want to rent for a year then buy.


  2. Erin Wisner says:

    Hi Polly, I am looking to rent in the historic district, preferably a 3 bedroom if available. Are there any rentals that meet this criteria available?

    Thank you!

  3. Mandy says:

    I am looking for rental for now (would like to buy in a year). Need 2 bedroom with office or 3 bedroom. Pool preferred. Prefer Willo, Encanto Vista, Encanto-Palmcroft, Roosevelt districts. Anything avaliable?


  4. Kelly says:


    I’m looking into buying my first home and love the historical district. I would love to see some listings in the under 100,000.00 range. Thank you.

  5. Kelly says:

    I would also love to see some rentals if buying is not an option! Thank you Polly

  6. Kelly says:

    Thank you!! Happy Easter!!


  7. Raymond Sabo says:

    I am interested in any listings you may have in the Willo District in the 350K to 500K range. I am a single father and need a minimum of 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. A separate carriage/guest house is a bonus so that can use/convert it as usable space.

    Thank you for all your help!!!

  8. Beth Meyer says:

    I have a friend moving back to Phoenix who would like to live in the Willow or nearby area. She is looking to rent for a lease of 2-4 years. She will be in town
    the week of the 5th and would be available on the 7th after 12noon to look at homes. Can u let me know if you have homes for rent in the Willow, Ashland, F.Q. area. I can be reached at 602 253 0119. This is a serious renter, who treats homes as if they were owned by her. Thank you!

  9. Dawn Pariente says:

    We are thinking of relocating to the Phoenix area and are interested in the Willo or Windsor area. Can you provide some listings?

  10. Malyssa Duenkel says:

    We are currently on the look out for awesome historical district houses from fixer upper houses,lots,& house for sale by owner,realators,anything please se n d my way to malyssachristyne@gmail.com as soon as possible. Going down again saterday morning to check some places available!!!! Thx

  11. Sandra Leonard says:

    We have friends who live in the neighborhood and we are looking to rent before we buy. We would appreciate assistance in finding available properties. Thank you.

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