Fairview Place

Fairview Place historic district is located in a charming area of central Phoenix, between the Arizona State Fairgrounds and the Rose Garden at Encanto Park. Fairview Place is a neighborhood of modest homes that are cozy and unpretentious. Fairview Place was one of the first attempts at large-scale residential subdivisions in Phoenix and it stretches from McDowell Road to Encanto Boulevard, and from 15th ave to 17th ave. There are 14 architectural styles represented here, including Southwest, Tudor, English Stone Cottage and Transitional Ranch that average in size from 900 to 1,400 square feet. Fairview Place offers good value for those seeking the historic home lifestyle in downtown Phoenix. Its location in the western downtown region with its smaller house sizes  helps to keep the homes more affordable than the nearby Willo and Encanto/Palmcroft districts.  call 480-229-8483

Fairview Place

Fairview Place Historic District

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  1. Sherry Fernandez says:

    I have a interest in renting a home in a historical area. I was amazed at how many different historical areas there are. I would possibly like a home to rent with option to buy. I own 2 homes that are duplexes and live in one of them but would like a change. I live on a low income and my rental properties pay my mortgages monthly. Not sure if Fairview is my top choice of area but it appears to be more affordable. Willo and Encanto areas have always been of interest to me. I love the beauty of all the homes as they have there own unique style. Could you send me listings of what is available. It would be fun to be able to be close to museums and upcoming events in the area. I have several grandchildren that would so enjoy this. I’m in no hurry to move but when I see what I want I won’t hesitate to relocate… Any info would be appreciated on rental properties and ones for sale just to get an ideal of what they are going for…Thank You

    • pollym says:

      Hi Sherry, thank you for the post. I will have a chance tomorrow to send what properties are available for lease and for sale. The downtown Phoenix area is booming!

      Thanks, Polly

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