Significant in its architectural diversity and picturesque homes and landscapes, Encanto-Palmcroft in historic Phoenix showcases some of Phoenix’s first fine homes built in traditional styles while featuring true southwest influences. Its winding streets and proximity of the homes to the park represents an approach to suburban planning that had its roots in 18th Century England. Many of the homes were built prior to World War II, and offer a glimpse of old world charm that abounds in this eighty-five year old neighborhood, once considered an ideal suburban Phoenix retreat.  call 480-229-8483

Phoenix Encanto-Palmcroft

Phoenix Encanto-Palmcroft

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  1. G.G. George says:

    Hi Polly,

    A colleague and I are writing the book, “Phoenix’s Greater Encanto-Palmcroft Neighborhood”.

    G.G. George, President
    Encanto Citizens Association

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