Ashland Place

Ashland Place was built as a subdivision of Dwight B. Heard’s “Los Olivios” subdivision. Homes in this area consist of Bungalow and Period Revival built in the 1920’s. The homes in Ashland Place historic district were originally envisioned by Mr. Heard to be large estates with acreage like those in neighboring Alvarado. However they were re-subdivided into smaller parcels in response to the Phoenix real estate market of the late 1920s. As a result, Ashland Place has compact lots with smaller and more affordable homes. Classic Period Revival style homes, found along Vernon and Hoover avenues, average about 1300 square feet. The homes along Ashland Ave were built a bit later and so are roomier Ranch-style homes that average closer to 1500 square feet. Ashland Place was one of the most successful of the subdivisions that expanded the city’s boundaries during the 1920s. While most of the other historic residential areas were built by multiple developers, Ashland Place was largely the product of Home Builders Inc, one of the biggest and most prolific residential development companies in Phoenix in the early 20th Century.  call 480-229-8483

Ashland Place historic district

Ashland Place historic district



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  1. Tamara Bowman says:

    My husband and I are looking for a smaller home to rent in a historic area off of Interstate 10. My aging parents live in Litchfield Park and my sister lives in Paradise Valley. We would like to live in the middle! I have looked in the Willo area, and like those types of homes. Can you make any recommendations? We are looking to start renting sometime early this next year; Feb or March? Let me know if you have any properties you think would interest us. Thanking you in advance.

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